Influencer Marketing

Question: What is a better way to connect with new customers than building thought leadership from scratch?

Answer: Working with influencers that already have authority and credibility with the target audience you want to reach.

The Problem: Consumers are numb to traditional advertising and increasingly rely on trusted networks and contacts for product and service recommendations. And yet many companies insist on buying their way into new markets and audiences.

The Solution: Working with industry influencers through co-created content is an approach that TopRank Online Marketing has helped to pioneer. By connecting with influencers and working with them to achieve mutually beneficial goals, brands can achieve multiple business objectives:

  • Create valuable relationships with influencers to advocate for the brand
  • Reach new communities of buyers and even more niche influencers
  • Create more, high quality content for marketing through influencer partnerships
  • Increase brand thought leadership through connections to industry influencers

TopRank Online Marketing has provided Influencer Relations and Influencer Co-Created Content programs for leading companies like Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner, MarketingProfs, Dell, McKesson, and LinkedIn.

I worked with TopRank on a substantive piece of influencer content as part of an awareness campaign to promote the MarketingProfs B2B Forum. To say that the experience was a pleasure doesn’t begin to capture the efficiency and level of professionalism Lee and the TopRank team brought to the job. He kept us in the loop without over-communicating. I knew the final product was going to be awesome — but frankly? I was blown away by the awesomeness of it, as it delivered both substance AND style AND (best of all!) results.
Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs

If your company would like to know more about how working with industry influencers can help grow brand thought leadership while creating more high quality content for marketing, contact us today.