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B2B marketers are warming up to influencer marketing, however, many remain hesitant (and may be missing the boat)
Yet, the smartest of all B2B marketers know that in order to win, they need to get ahead of the competition
...and that means doing things differently!
Daily, we speak with marketers who realize that their competition may be planning TODAY to partner with influencers in order to build their company's brand TOMORROW
So what do brilliant - yet cautious - marketers do to TEST an influencer program?

Enter the Influencer Marketing pilot of 2021

As leaders in the world of B2B Influencer Marketing, TopRank Marketing can guide you through a successful B2B Influencer pilot designed to:
Determine if continued investment makes sense for you and your brand
Build out a business case for you to socialize with your stakeholders
Get Results!

Partner with influencers who can help build your brand awareness

The TopRank Pilot Program is a Low Risk Way to get initial influencer data
Tamara McCleary, THILUM, CEO

Tamara McCleary

#womeninbusiness  #futureofwork
Helen Yu, Showpad, Chief Customer Officer

Helen Yu

Tigon Advisory
Founder and CEO
#AI    #cybersecurity
Eric Vanderburg, TCDI, Vice President

Eric Vanderburg

Vice President, Cybersecurty
#cybersecurity   #privacy
Shelly Kramer, Futurum Research + Analysis, Founding Partner, Principal Analyst

Shelly Kramer

Futurum research + analysis
Founding Partner, Principal Analyst
#IoT   #futurework
Kevin Jackson, Govcloud Network, Founder

Kevin Jackson

#cloud   #thoughtleader
Mike Fisher, WHITCRAFT GROUP, Systems Analyst

Michael Fisher

Whitcraft Group
Systems Analyst
#IoT   #datascience
Isaac Sacolick, STARCIO President, CIO, Digital Transformation

Isaac Sacolick

President, CIO, Digital Transformation
#digitaltransformation   #DevOps

Sally Eaves

Sally Eaves Consultancy
CEO, Director
#fintech   #AI
Brent Leary CRM ESSENTIALS, LLC Managing Partner

Brent Leary

Managing Partner
#CRM   #enterprise

Let's talk about an influencer pilot program today!

3 Pieces of advice for B2B influencer marketing success

Here's what you need to explore a B2B influencer marketing opportunity

1.Clear Goals

That make sense to you and your stakeholders
Increased share of voice for your brand
Social media activation around target content pillars
On page traffic, time on page, scroll depth, low bounce rates

Just Remember

If you launch a best-practice pilot, you can build a foundation of strong influencer relationships which, if nurtured properly, can:
Last you a lifetime
Extend the reach of your brand
Lead to unpaid advocacy of your brand


To organically establish relationships with a target group of influencers
Be very careful when approaching a B2B influencer with a check in hand, especially if you have never communicated with them
You could do your brand (and maybe your career) significant harm by thinking a checkbook will get you great influencer results
The B2B space requires a higher level of professional communication

Just Remember

If you are in a B2B space with any kind of tech offer, then please, please be very, VERY careful!

3.Timeline that works

A quality pilot program will take 6 months to:
Clarify KPI's
Develop a solid influencer strategy
Establish initial influencer conversations
Obtain influencer points of view and ladder to your value proposition (with authenticity)
Activate the influencers
Amplify the influencers
Measure the data
Build your Go-Forward
Business Case

B2B Influencer Marketing Pilots can take many shapes

Here at TopRank Marketing we make it easy for you to understand your:

I'm ready to Dive in & Reach New Heights with B2B Influencer Marketing

If a 6-Month B2B influencer marketing pilot appeals to you, let's schedule a meeting (before the competition does)

Let's talk about an influencer pilot program today!

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