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Pubcon Roundup: Videos, Photos and Blog Posts

Posted on Nov 20th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    I have to say, the Pubcon conference last week was one of the better search marketing conferences I’ve been to. The overriding impression from just about everyone I talked to was that the content was great and the networking even better.

    Below is a roundup of Online Marketing Blog’s blog posts, photos and videos from the WebmasterWorld Pubcon Las Vegas 2006. I have to say thanks to everyone that let me put my Sony CyberShot to the test and do these 1 minute “interviews”. :

    Brett Tabke – WebmasterWorld
    (Happy about the conference, speakers and the next one in Vegas)

    Greg Hartnett – Best of the Web
    (Pubcon has been very good to BOTW and those black shirts are marketing genius)

    Greg Jarboe – SEO-PR
    (Stay on top of what’s working or you get yesterday’s results)

    John Marshall – ClickTracks
    (Pubcon has been very good to ClickTracks)

    Karen Sams – TopRank
    (Gives impression of her first Pubcon and being able to meet people in the industry)

    Kevin Lee – Did-It
    (Big SEM campaigns are not just about quantity of phrases but also complexity)

    Matt Cutts – Google
    (On Yahoo and MSN “private” parties vs parties everyone could attend and recalls the fun of the site review panel)

    Patrick Gavin – Text Link Ads
    (“I’m in the money, I’m in the money.” Actually, he talks about the ReviewMe launch)

    Rand Fishkin – SEOMoz
    (Thinks about turning the SEOMoz page strength tool into a widget while Joe “SEO Paparazzi” Morin does his best to make Rand look like a star)

    Todd Malicoat – Stuntdubl (Offers tips on networking – the less you try to “sell” the more you’ll actually sell)

    Blog Posts
    Social Media Release Optimization
    Las Vegas Yahoo YPB Blog Party
    Feeds, Blogs, News and Social Search
    Guy Kawasaki Needs Your Links
    Pubcon Day .05

    TopRank Vegas Pubcon Photos on Flickr

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    Congratulations to Brett and the WebmasterWorld team. I am definitely looking forward to the next Pubcon!