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Industry-Focused Support That Feels Like Magic


Succeeding in B2B supply chain marketing can feel like an impossible quest. We’re here to tell you that it isn’t.
We might not be able to brew magic potions, but we have over a decade of experience helping brands like yours make magic.

We’re here to use marketing strategy to help turn your brand story into something worthy of legend.

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Just like Arthur had Excalibur, TopRank can deliver you the sword of your success. We understand the unique needs of supply chain businesses.
We know how quickly technology is moving forward, how logistics are dynamic and can always be improved, and about the stress of keeping each part of the supply chain in sync.

Don’t you want your content to be able to better communicate how your company addresses these common pain points?

Let’s Talk Supply Chain

Susan Misukanis joins @LetsTalkSChain to chat about what TopRank does, how B2B marketing has changed, and why it’s so important.


For a story to become legend, it needs a hero. For a hero to succeed, they need fellowship. After all, Frodo never would have gotten the ring to Mordor without Sam.
By helping you attract the attention of your audience, we can help you significantly increase inbound leads. It might feel like magic, but it isn’t. It’s just good, solid strategy.

We believe in the power of building your company’s fellowship by connecting you with existing influencers in your niche. Here’s how that process works:

Step 1

Our first step is to gather information needed in order to cultivate a successful influencer marketing strategy for your corner of the supply chain industry. We’ll ask you about where you’d like to be once you reach your goals.
Your goals can be anything. Do you want more leads? Do you want content that better communicates what your business does? You’ll tell us here and we’ll start to build a plan for your success.

It’s kind of like drawing out an adventurers map before setting foot on the road.

Step 2

Once you’ve given us the information needed to develop a strategy, it’s time to figure out what support you’ll need. After all, every good hero needs a sword and shield.
More specifically, in this step we’ll ask: how can we better populate your social feeds to attract the attention you’re seeking? What do you want to be talking about and what do you need to get there?

Step 3

We have our map, we have our gear. Now it’s time to gather our traveling companions and make a plan for success.
This plan will include two things: planning out new content and setting up ways to track how existing content is performing.

The right content plan can increase the worth of any brand's social presence, taking it from lacking to legendary.

Step 4

Now it’s time to set off on your grand adventure with your companions, map, tools, and tenacity in tow.
At this point, we will have set you up with everything you need to succeed and we will now work together to guarantee that success. It's time to make your presence as a hero known.
We'll do that by consistently creating new content, sharing it with your follower base, and beginning to nurture the relationships we’ve built along the way.

Step 5

Adventurers don’t stop being adventurers after the ogre, dragon, or sorcerer has been defeated. There’s always more work to do, and TopRank will be with you every step of the way.
Long term strategy can look at your bigger goals after we’ve done the initial work of bolstering the strength of your supply chain brand.

We’ll ask the question: what did you like about how we met your initial goals and how can we help you meet your new ones?


The best quests turn into stories that get told and retold over time.
The best adventures include a fellowship that works together to defeat the villain.
Isn’t it time to treat yourself like the hero you are and partner with a content marketing agency that knows supply chain as well as you do?


Let us help your supply chain business take the next step toward long term success.
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