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B2B Marketers on the Move: Spotlighting New Leadership & Talent To Kick Off 2023

Posted on Jan 25th, 2023
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • B2B Marketers on the Move: Spotlighting New Leadership & Talent To Kick Off 2023
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    As B2B marketers adjust to the changes that 2023 brings, the industry continues to offer growth opportunities as well as shifts that often seen to happen so fast that they are difficult to fully appreciate.

    For more than two decades now, TopRank Marketing has had the pleasure of helping a wide variety of the world’s top B2B marketers and major global brands elevate and go beyond merely being competitive, to standing out from the crowd with creative and award-winning successes.

    In 2023 we place increased focus on elevating through intelligence, relevance, and the type of humanization that allows efforts to stand out from the increasing reach of those touched more by artificial intelligence (AI) than by human hands. In this spirit, for more than a year now we have regularly made a point of taking the time to congratulate and honor B2B marketing leaders who have recently seen career advancement.

    When B2B marketers take on new leadership roles, it’s only natural to look for trusted resources that will help professionals in new positions hit the ground running, and TopRank Marketing is honored to have been a go-to B2B content and influencer marketing agency for so many top marketers in new leadership roles. In 2023 we are also continuing to seek out B2B technology industry influencers advancing in their careers to partner with on compelling and unique content collaborations.

    We offer hearty congratulations to each of the B2B marketing leaders featured in this eighth edition of B2B Marketers on the Move, and extend our thanks for sharing their insightful B2B marketing career advice.

    B2B Marketers on the Move: Elevating Top B2B Marketing Leaders

    Michelle Robbins
    Michelle Robbins has been promoted to Manager, Decision Science at LinkedIn*.

    Focus on growth opportunities, in organizations with strong leadership and access to mentors, and seek a challenge instead of a title. I’ve benefited greatly from being curious, expanding my own capabilities with continued learning, and pivoting to where that curiosity takes me.

    Michelle was featured in our “25 Women Who Rock at Digital Marketing in 2017.”

    Julie Brown
    Julie Brown has been promoted to Vice President, Industries and Customer Experience at Johnson Controls.

    Julie was featured in our “Break Free B2B Marketing: Julie Brown of Johnson Controls on Proving the EBIT of Your Marketing,” and in our “2015 – 50 Influential Women in Digital Marketing.”

    Vasudha Badri-Paul
    Vasudha Badri-Paul has taken a new position as Vice President, B2B Marketing and Developer Ecosystem at DigitalAPICraft.

    Vasudha has been featured in our “Spotlight on Talent: 20 B2B Influencer Marketing Experts to Follow in 2022 and Beyond” highlighting top insights from our comprehensive free 59-page 2022 State of B2B Influencer Marketing Research Report.

    Guliz Sicotte
    Guliz Sicotte has been promoted to Senior Director of User Experience at Adobe.

    Paul Herman
    Paul Herman has taken a new position as Senior Vice President, Global Digital Transformation Services at Sprinklr.

    In the move towards creating 360-degree profiles of consumers, brands should always ask themselves: “would the customer be surprised that we know this about them?”. If the answer is yes, tread carefully. However, if brands do this well, there is a future where customers will only know that they have been on a journey if they look back and see where a brand has seamlessly served them through personal, premium experiences. So data has to evolve, become smarter, more available and actionable at the point of customer experience.

    A.J. Ghergich
    A.J. Ghergich has taken a new position as Vice President of Consulting Services at Botify.

    Boundaries are shifting and, in some cases, disappearing altogether. The Covid-19 pandemic, of course, has been a great accelerant. This pivot to remote work reveals that real change can be pushed only so far by technological innovation. The other half of the change equation must be the pull of user adoption.

    Randi Zuckerberg
    Randi Zuckerberg has taken a new position as CEO and Founder at HUG.

    The emergence of a new internet requires a new language that’s welcoming, friendly, and inclusive. I encourage you all on the front lines of building in the metaverse and web3 to adjust your vocabulary and change words and minds about having more empathy and connection in the tech world.

    Randi has been featured in our “The Future of Marketing As Seen By Randi Zuckerberg #DSMPLS” and “10 New Media Trends Shaping the Lives of Modern Consumers – Keynote with Randi Zuckerberg #CZLNY.”

    Andrew Jenkins
    Andrew Jenkins has taken a new position as Demand Generation & Lifecycle Marketing Manager at NetSPI.

    Thomas J. Armitag
    Thomas J. Armitage has taken a new position as Senior Marketing Manager at

    WHERE you work, and WHAT you do for work, matters little. HOW you work, and the CHARACTER you build, is far more important. Be hardworking. Have pride in your work. And care.

    Alex White
    Alex White has been promoted to Social Influencer Lead at TopRank Marketing.

    Don’t get marketing tunnel vision. Keep an open mind and look to your peers and top thought leaders often for different routes to solving problems and overcoming challenges.

    Treasa Dovander
    Treasa Dovander has taken a new position as Head of Internal Communications, Strategy Operations at Spotify.

    “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” — George Bernard Shaw. Avoid thinking communication is a one way street — that is broadcasting. Today employees and customers expect authenticity and engagement – plan your activations and metrics around this and ensure you listen fully to respond wisely.

    Treasa has been featured on our “Spotlight on Talent: 20 B2B Influencer Marketing Experts to Follow in 2022 and Beyond.”

    Cassandra Clark
    Cassandra Clark has taken a new position as Senior Director, Demand Generation at CrunchTime!

    Lauren Margrave
    Lauren Margrave has taken a new position as Director, Executive Marketing, Americas at ServiceNow.

    B2B Career Advice “I have three key philosophies to my career growth:

    One — Take risks and be bold. Your peers and your leaders notice individuals who step-up for the greater good; they also notice who does not. Be the one for the greater good.

    Two — Remember to set healthy boundaries – your career can flourish – be smart on where you invest your time.

    Three — Reach back to help those that follow you.”

    Charlie Riley
    Charlie Riley has taken a new position as Vice President of Marketing, North America at Send.

    Marketers should always be curious. Asking “why?” and “how does that work?” with genuine intent to learn helps you understand your product and know how to sell it. That curiosity should spill over into helping others with an authentic interest in growing their careers.

    Charlie has been featured in our “50 Top B2B Marketing Influencers, Experts and Speakers To Follow In 2022,” and in our “50 Top B2B Marketing Influencers, Experts and Speakers in 2019.”

    Tameka Kee
    Tameka Kee has taken a new position as Deputy Managing Director at the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM).

    As our lives increasingly shift toward being more digital and virtual, the currencies, business models and laws around content must continue to evolve.

    Shane McLaughlin
    Shane McLaughlin has been promoted to Senior Content Manager at Intuit.

    Ali Orlando Wert
    Ali Orlando Wert has taken a new position as Senior Director, Content Strategy at Appfire.

    Focus on finding a culture that aligns with your values, with people who are enthusiastic about their work. A company can look like a great career move on paper, but it’s the day-to-day interactions with other people that will make or break the experience.

    Ben Harmanus
    Ben Harmanus has been promoted to International Product Marketing & Storytelling Lead at HubSpot.

    Think of who you want to be and what you want to do in the future, and foster personal rebranding. Internal presentations, but also repositioning on LinkedIn help being considered for your preferred role.

    Crystal (Sky) Williams
    Crystal Williams has taken a new position as Marketing Director at Madison Energy Investments.

    There’s this phrase I’ve always loved: Il pui nell uno. “Nothing is quite beautiful alone.” There’s something so beautiful about duality, multiplicity…being many things. That would be the title that would fit me.

    Karen McDermott
    Karen McDermott has taken a new position as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Vast Bank.

    Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill has taken a new position as Chief Marketing Officer at Engage AI.

    Next time you’re having coffee with one of your business buddies, ask them this:

    “What’s the best business advice you’ve ever gotten?”

    You’ll get a glimpse of their personal and professional values just from learning what words of wisdom have stuck with them.

    Julia McCoy
    Julia McCoy has taken a new position as Vice President of Marketing at Content at Scale.

    An entrepreneur CAN become employed again! After 11 years of building my own businesses, I took a salaried, full-time VP of Marketing role at Content at Scale and I haven’t had this much fun at work maybe ever – because, for the first time, I’m not responsible for everything. Just the area I truly love, which is content marketing and existing revenue growth.

    Please don’t let society’s pressure that you “can’t go backwards because you’ve started your own thing, and now you’re unemployable,” stop you from a GOOD thing. That is a myth gravely hurting the ability to breathe, feel at peace, and ENJOY what you do! A “job” can actually be the vehicle and bridge you personally need to succeed at life and in your industry. For example, I could never have the kind of reach and impact I now have in the mix of thousands of use cases as Content at Scale’s marketing VP.

    Julia has been featured in our “50 Top B2B Content Marketing Influencers To Follow in 2021 #CMWorld,” “50 Content Marketing Influencers and Experts to Follow 2019 #CMWorld,” “Less Is More: Time to Cut Content Bloat & Create Content Connections,” “LinkedIn’s List of 24 B2B Marketers You Need to Know,” and “How Marketers Can Improve the Customer Experience (And Why They Should Want To).”

    Alexa Rotman
    Alexa Rotman has taken a new position as Enterprise Business Development Manager at Meltwater.

    Shashi Bellamkonda
    Shashi Bellamkonda has taken a new position as Principal Research Director at SoftwareReviews.

    Each new phase in life, particularly switching careers, presents a chance to transform yourself. Keep your possibilities limitless and pick a path that will assist you in staying a lifelong learner. Create positive energy by being of service to your connections without expecting anything in return, and it will ultimately benefit you in various ways, including enhancing your happiness.

    Jessica Greene
    Jessica Greene has taken a new position as Director of Demand Generation at TestBox.

    Travis Flak
    Travis Flak has taken a new position as Director of Marketing at Foundry.

    You must use sincerity, empathy, and active listening skills. Care about your network’s careers and interests. Like their posts and share their content. Comment with “congratulations” to a job promotion, or a career move to another company. These people are your friends and need to be treated as such. They will respond in kind when they hear from you, and one day you’ll be in a position to pay it forward.

    Travis is a TopRank Marketing alumni.

    Tony Ciolino
    Tony Ciolino has taken a new position as Senior Director, Global Growth and Success Strategy at Sprout Social.

    Thanks To Each of These Inspiring Leaders For Helping Elevate the B2B Marketing Industry In 2023

    We extend many thanks to each of the talented B2B marketing professionals we’ve featured here, who have all recently been promoted or taken on new industry positions. We’re certain that you’ll elevate with intelligence, relevance and a human touch, and reach new heights in your new roles in 2023.

    You can find our previous edition of B2B Marketers on the Move here.

    *LinkedIn is a TopRank Marketing client.