B2B Branding Helps TopRank Clients Achieve Business Goals

Examples of strong branding, whether it’s the ‘Uncola’ or the ‘Freshmaker’, light fires in the minds of consumers that are rarely extinguished.  Can the same branding principles used by B2C companies, including personification of a company and persistence of messaging, help B2B businesses achieve their marketing goals?

Below, learn how B2B branding is helping three clients of TopRank® Online Marketing achieve their business objectives:

Ask the Powder Doctor
Powder-Solutions, distributor of an industrial pipe connector used to enhance safety and sanitation in bulk powder processing plans, sought to humanize its image.

With help from TopRank, Powder-Solutions created the Powder Doctor, a unique character that could relate to the target market through a consistent series of targeted email marketing campaigns. When combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online PR initiatives, Powder Doctor campaigns helped to increase bottom line sales for Powder-Solutions by 83% in the company’s second full year.

I Am Your Staffing Software
Developing B2B branding that resonates with a prospect can be difficult when the features offered are similar to those offered by the competition.  This challenge was known all too well by staffing software provider eEmpACT.

Together, eEmpACT and TopRank developed an SEO copywriting strategy whereby onsite copy was written in first person, from the viewpoint of the staffing software. Optimized web copy made the case for why eEmpACT should be ‘hired’ to help fill the prospect’s staffing service needs.

Deployment of this strategy helped eEmpACT to achieve increased search traffic, high rankings for terms such as ‘staffing software’ and a trend up in inquiries.

Join Us On the Purple Carpet
When event planners need to generate audience responses and bids at events and fundraisers, they need audience response systems from IML. Unfortunately, many event planners are unaware that such a product exists.

IML and TopRank worked to identify solution-based keyword phrases, such as ‘how to run a silent auction’, that would be used by prospects.  A new blog was launched to create content optimized for these solution-based keywords. It was branded as one step deeper than the traditional red carpet event information source – the Purple Carpet Event Blog.

Since its launch, the Purple Carpet Event blog has consistently been a top 10 referring source to the IML site, while achieving page one rankings and customer inquiries via a moderated comments section.

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