SEO & Conversion Optimization Case Study

eEmpACT Case Study

Online marketing programs are oftentimes designed to focus squarely at the top of the sales funnel, in other words, to bring traffic directly to a client’s virtual front door.  But the best programs expand this focus deeper into the funnel, and concentrate just as much on compelling those already at the front door to come in and buy.  In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and conversion optimization case study below, staffing software provider eEmpACT experiences the benefits of a marketing program dedicated to boosting results throughout the sales funnel.


Minnesota-based eEmpACT offers a staffing software solution with integrating front office functions such as resume management and back office functions such as payroll, to recruiters and staffing professionals.

As with any company that competes for B2B prospects, the number of sales eEmpACT realizes will always be smaller than the number of prospects it generates.  As such, ensuring both a brimming-over and easily navigated sales funnel is absolutely critical.

To meet its sales goals, at least 40 inquiries must pour into the top of eEmpACT’s sales funnel each month. This means that the eEmpACT name must resonate in the minds of prospects when they begin searching for terms including ‘staffing software’ and ‘front office staffing software.’  Further, it means that once searchers land on the eEmpACT site, there are as few barriers as possible between arrival and inquiry.


TopRank® Online Marketing began its program with eEmpACT by conducting a thorough keyword and competitive analysis. Perhaps the most striking discovery was that nearly every competitor in the staffing software industry was speaking to prospects and customers in the same way, using many of the same key words and offering virtually identical features.

To help the eEmpACT website stand out and attract prospects, TopRank developed an SEO copywriting strategy whereby onsite content was written in first person, from the viewpoint of the staffing software itself. When taken as a whole, the new ‘front office staffing software’ and ‘back office staffing software’ web sections make the case for why eEmpACT should be ‘hired’ to help fill the prospect’s staffing service needs.

Attracting visitors to the eEmpACT website, however, was only half the challenge.  After these prospects arrived, they had to convert into an inquiry.  TopRank developed a two-fold conversion optimization solution: offer a compelling piece of content and promote it in the right location on the website.

TopRank and eEmpACT worked together to select value-added promotional material detailing a new SaaS software offering, a unique and highly desirable differentiator in the staffing software industry.

To pinpoint a location for where this content could achieve maximum results, TopRank analyzed site overlay data available from over 12 months of analytics history.  Once an ideal location was determined, TopRank developed a visually striking call to action button. This button was built to offer a concise benefit statement and display coloring that would stand out from the website’s existing scheme.


Since publication of newly developed optimized copy, and implementation of conversion optimization recommendations, the eEmpACT website has achieved:

  • Consistent page one ranking for targeted staffing software related terms
  • Consistent top 4 natural organic ranking for staffing software
  • Year over year organic search traffic lift of nearly 30%
  • Online inquiry goals for more than six months

Of course, more important than KPIs such as ranking, traffic or inquiries – are closed sales.  And since implementation of SEO copywriting and conversion optimization recommendations, eEmpACT can track several new closed sales directly back to the organic search traffic TopRank has helped to capture and convert.  And with KPIs remaining strong, these trends are expected to continue.